This song came about in November, 2018 after I went to see "A Star is Born" with my dad. We ended up getting split up in the crowded movie theater, and I sat by myself and wept for almost the whole film. Seeing Bradley Cooper's character in a prestigious position in the music industry, but still letting his life slowly crumble at the hands of pills and alcohol broke my spirit. I was crushed. That moment was the closest I ever came to questioning my future in music, and also single-handedly changed the way I think about my life. The music industry is remarkably volatile, and especially plagued by addiction and depression. I now understand the importance of staying grounded while facing this reality, lest I become another victim of these pitfalls. For me, I use my faith and my relationships to keep myself afloat. This song is a testament to that terrible, amazing moment in which I gained some of the most valuable wisdom of my life, and the resulting mission I've given myself to be a light to the music industry, rather than another statistic.

Released October 31st, 2019