I - Wim Tapley EP Cover


Shadow - This is the first single I put out, and it remains one of my absolute favorite songs to play live. Check out the full story by clicking on the single cover.

Peace Of Mind - This is the first song that I worked on with Jason Price (Squad Car 37 Audio Productions), who made the EP possible. This tune is my pump up song for the moments when people are saying hateful stuff towards me. I'm not nearly as tough as I act in the lyrics of this tune, so it reminds me to have a thick skin and not let my world crash down around me when people are flinging negativity my way. Then I go off about my frustrations with a lot of music critics, and share some wisdom from my mom. This song's all over the place. Absolute jam to play live.

If Only - I am so pumped that this song is out in the world. It's my summery tune about longing to be with someone, and it was the last song we recorded for the EP. I am honored to be joined by the very talented Madeline Dailey, who adds the cool indie flavors that I could never pull off by myself. This song has gotten the most international attention, and I couldn't be more psyched that the world has chosen this tune as its favorite off of the EP.

All We've Got Is Love - Man, this has got to be my personal favorite song on "I." It's also the oldest song that I stuck on the EP, because it's remained one of my favorite original tunes since I wrote it in middle school. I recorded this song in an empty church office with Josh Tarp, Matt Yorkilous, and Matt Neal in early 8th grade. Josh Tarp is the mastermind behind this track. He laid down some BEAUTIFUL guitar parts that I am honored to have on this song. Eventually, Jason Price and I decided to revive the old song, but it only took some new vocal takes to bring it back to life. Because everything else is preserved from the original track that we worked on in 2016, I get super nostalgic listening to it, and it gives me hope that I might twist other old projects into something cool.

Galileo - Gotta have a ballad! This song was a blast to write, because I almost approached it like a history project. I'm super nerdy, so I wanted to infuse your run-of-the-mill love song with actual facts about Galileo Galilei, the astronomer's, life. Almost all of the lyrics have something to do with his story. I tried to be clever, so I hope it worked out. Also very pumped about the bass line and electric piano on this track. I love how this song acts as a soft landing for the EP to end on, and I probably had the most fun working on this track in the studio. There you have it.

Released August 24th, 2018