Shadow - Wim Tapley Single Cover


     My first real single, man. I wrote this tune in 8th grade, after a full on, dramatic middle school breakup. Inspired by the opening riff to "Neon" by John Mayer and "Ghost in the Radio" by Josh Tarp and the Still, and fueled by a healthy dose of 14-year-old angst, I managed to churn out one of my favorite riffs that I've written to this day.

     The full song came together because there was a talent show at my school, so I made the executive decision to sign up with my new (unfinished) song "Shadow," hoping that it would incentivize me to buckle down and write the rest. I cut it close, finishing the song the night before I played it for the first time.

     As for the single itself, it's the first big project where I was almost completely in the driver's seat, production-wise (although a special thanks to Matt Neal is due for helping me clean up the track). I've learned a lot since I embarked on recording this song, but I don't know if I'll ever be able to match that very vulnerable, gritty vibe that only someone barely managing to scrape together a record could pull off. Hopefully people like hearing this song as much as I like playing it. Boatloads of fun.

Released March 13th, 2018